Logo Dc_Ingenieria

DC Ingenieria S.A. is a national reference in construction and services activities. A young corporation, which participates in the development of key areas for domestic economy development such as ifra structure works and communication. A Corporation with commitment with the social and economic progress in Paraguay. Success course of this corporation is based upon an efficient organization, a dynamic management and attempter brought through reliance on our professionals and our customers.

The relation which we maintain with our clients bases on the confidence, this facilitates that we quickly adapt to its necessities and demands.

For more than 20 anuses, DC Ingeniería S.A. it was developing and incorporating technical and human capacities to increase the competitive advantages in the national market.

This permanent management of the knowledge is a sample of the commitment acquired with our clients to offer a service to them of quality, always to the vanguard of the technology incorporating new advances in all the works developed by the company.

We fulfilled what we promise, the DC trajectory Engineering shows the firm commitment with its clients. This is possible thanks to the commitment of our employees with the excellence

- To develop all our activities with social responsibility.

- To expand our present base of clients through a continuous professional and commercial effort in new markets and products.

- To indirectly improve the society in which we lived contributing to its economic growth creating sources of use exactly remunerated and through the improvements that present/display the infrastructures that we developed.

- To take care of environment on all the constructions that we made, we fitted ourselves to the recommendations of the secretary of environment.

- Work with social responsibility

DC Ingenieria S.A., was constituted with the ends to present higher solidity, image and security to the contractors entities of private and pubic areas.

We pursue welfare improvement and sustained growing through construction upon infrastructure development, which covers a wide kind of activities as projects of civil works, road works, electro mechanic, sanitary, and telephone systems. These wide kind of products that the corporation develops within the market of construction, applied engineering and services, is due sharing a same spirit of service for the client and strategic values.